A Customer Portal for Fuel Card Providers and Fuel Aggregators.

Create a custom web experience for your customers. Allow users to manage their invoices, balances, reports… and lots more.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Our platform redefines user interaction through a sleek, modern design that leverages cutting-edge technology. Not only does it retain all the functionality you’ve come to expect, but it also introduces enhanced layers of management and customization for customer accounts. Stand out from the crowd with a UI design that sets a new industry standard, leaving outdated conventions in the past.

Streamline Your Payments With Our Stripe Integration

Simplify the way your users fund their accounts and settle invoices with our seamless Stripe integration. This powerful addition to our platform not only provides a robust, secure payment solution but also offers unparalleled flexibility in payment customization. Empower your users to choose from an extensive array of payment methods, ensuring convenience and accessibility for everyone. With Stripe, managing financial transactions has never been easier or more adaptable to your specific needs.

Discover with Ease

Added convenience for your customers with our dedicated Fuel Location Finder, specifically designed to connect them with in-network fueling stations. This feature simplifies the search for nearby fuel options, ensuring users can easily find and access the best fuel locations on their route.

Some Other Features Include

Effortless Insight into Every Transaction: Dive into a world where every transaction is transparent and immediately accessible. Our Enhanced Transaction Viewing feature lets your customers track their activities in real-time, offering the ability to search, sort, and generate detailed reports with ease. With comprehensive information at their fingertips, users gain a deeper understanding of their transactions, empowering them with the knowledge they need, when they need it.

Streamlined Financial Management: Transform how your customers interact with their financials. Our accounting feature enables users to effortlessly view and pay invoices, bringing simplicity to billing management. Accepting a diverse range of payment methods, it ensures flexibility and convenience for your customers, facilitating a smoother financial operation.

Ultimate Card Management: Take control to the next level with our Card Controls feature. Users can easily manage card limits, prompts, and more, offering unparalleled customization and security. Whether it’s adjusting spending limits or setting transaction alerts, these controls put the power back in your customers’ hands.

Adaptable Payment Solutions with FuelLink: Whether your customers prefer prepaying or need a credit extension, FuelLink accommodates both scenarios effortlessly. Our platform provides the flexibility to support diverse financial preferences, ensuring that every customer’s needs are met with precision.

Sophisticated Account Management: Elevate your customer management strategy with our Added Layers feature. Create and manage customer accounts through intricate parent-child relationships or specific policies on contracts. This advanced structuring offers a dynamic way to tailor services and permissions, enhancing the user experience.

Empower Your Administrators: Give your admins the tools they need to succeed. With our Admin Controls, managing users, accounts, cards, and limits becomes a breeze. Invite new users, adjust settings, and oversee the platform with efficiency and ease. This comprehensive control suite ensures your team can maintain the highest level of service and security.

Fully Customizable

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